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Rangeland Goats

Be a Partner in


Participate to secure goat meat supply, immediate cashflow, Qurban Program & 

Australian migration opportunities


To be a leading Australian supplier of goat and sheep meat to the lucrative US & South East Asian market.


A sustainable farm operation that ensures animal welfare, and complete supply chain from farm to table.


Pending permit, we aim to grow high quality Australian cannabis plant for manufacture into animal feed and hemp fibre within the growing global $250 billion cannabis industry.


To assist our farm partners in their journey of Australian migration of obtaining Australian Permanent Residency.


  1. For as low as AUD 1250 become a leading Australian supplier of meat, and breeder of goats and sheep to the South East Asian and US market

  2. Immediate cashflow through Trading & Breeding operations 

  3. Existing offtakes for frozen and live goat meat

  4. Investment into Australia's burgeoning Cannabis Industry growing Hemp animal feed.

  5. Potential Pathway to Australian Permanent Residency

  6. Shariah Compliant & Receive a fixed price for Goats for Annual Qurban rites.

  7. Established and experienced management team in place at our farm 'Green Grass Station' in  New South Wales, Australia

Around the Farm

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