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Cannabis Farming

Australia's new cannabis laws offer a great chance for us to create a successful Cannabis industry. At Green Grass Estates, we're ready to be a trusted grower of top-quality hemp in Australia and beyond.


Hemp: Seeding a Sustainable Future

Hemp, a plant that has been around for ages and is still incredibly useful today.

Hemp has been used for a long time, especially for making clothes and many other things. And now, we're using it in two important ways: to make strong fibers for things like clothes, building materials, and to make healthy food for animals.

We aim to grow hemp that helps make clothes that are good for the environment, and it also provides really good food for our animals.


Hemp animal feed for goats can be a great way to feed them and offer several advantages. Hemp is a plant that's easy to grow and doesn't harm the environment.


When goats eat hemp, it gives them good protein for muscle growth and makes their coat shiny. It also has healthy fats that keep them strong and their immune system working well.


Hemp has lots of fiber, which helps goats digest their food better and avoid stomach problems.


So, using hemp as goat feed not only helps the goats stay healthy but also supports farming that's better for the planet. It's a win-win for everyone!

Farmers trial hemp in livestock feed, expecting improved animal health, meat quality

Source: Landline, ABC news Australia

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