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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become a partner of Green Grass livestock program?

 You can join as a partner by leasing one (1) acre of Green Grass Station for ten (10) years for the total leasing fee of AUD 2,500. The one (1) acre lease is an undivided parcel/lot. A maximum of ten (10) acres can be leased by each individual partner.

How does Green Grass gives a targeted return of 11% every year?

Each partner will receive an entitlement of one (1) goat/sheep every year. This entitlement will be sold to Green Grass buyers at a minimum price of AUD280 per goat/sheep. This equals to a yield of over 11% per annum on an initial participation of AUD2,500

How do I become a partner of Green Grass livestock program?

You can join as a partner by buying 1 goat/sheep annually for a period of five (5) years for an upfront payment of AUD 1,250. A maximum of five (5) goats/sheep annually can be purchased by each individual partner.

Who can participate in Green Grass livestock program?

Everyone who is 18 years and above regardless of nationality, gender, religious background can join as a partner of Green Grass livestock program.

How does Green Grass manage the sale of the goats/sheep every year?

Each partner entitlement of one (1) goat/sheep every year will be sold to Green Grass buyers at a minimum price of AUD280 per goat/sheep.

Will the proceeds of my entitlement by credited to my bank account?

What will happen upon expiry of the 5 year tenure?

Yes. The proceeds from the sale of the goat/sheep at a minimum of AUD280 will be credited to your nominated account.

Green Grass will supply an additional one (1) goat/sheep to you as a a bonus. This amounts to a total supply of six (6) goats/sheep under the program.

What happens if Green Grass fails in its obligation to give its partners their annual entitlement or the bonus at the expiry of the 5 year period?

Should the partner did not receive its entitlement for two (2) consecutive years, or if the bonus is not received after expiry of the five (5) year period, any unpaid amount will be converted to ordinary shares of Green Grass Station holding company, GGLT Pty Ltd.

How can Green Grass help its partners to migrate to Australia?

Green Grass will assess each partner background to determine which residency visa is most appropriate for the partner to prepare and apply for. Green Grass can assist via job offering, letter of support, business set up etc to facilitate the partners successful visa application.

Can I visit Green Grass Livestock farms in Australia & Malaysia?

Can I opt for my annual entitlement of goat/sheep to be utilised for my annual Qurban obligations?

Yes most certainly. You can contact Green Grass Station's Management and set an appointment for your visit.

Yes you can. You will need to notify Green Grass and sign up for Green Grass annual Qurban program which is reserved annually for the first 300 partners who signs up. Green Grass will conduct the Qurbani as your nominee at no additional cost to you.

Is the Green Grass program Shariah compliant?

Yes it is. The program's agreement has been reviewed by Dr. Shofian Haji Ahmad. He is a member of the Association of Shariah Advisors of Islamic Finanace in Malaysia and currently attached as a lecturer at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia within the Centre of Sharia Studies. His opinion can be viewed in their letter disclosed on our website.

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